10 Aug 2006

"TSA ... Vigiant, Effective, Efficient" #

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I haven’t blogged in forever, but I couldn’t let this pass. On this day of an allegedly busted terrorist plot against US airlines, this little bit of brilliance from the folks at TSA.

They’re supposed to be protecting us… right? [via Boing Boing]

30 Sep 2005

Serenity now! #

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(I’m a little ashamed of myself for titling this post with a quote from “Seinfeld”, but what the hell, right?)

I just got home from watching Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and I must say, I’m impressed. It seemed to be a really well thought out story than fits well within the universe Joss created for the “Firefly” series, and it had all the humor and fun that I’ve come to expect from Whedon’s work. (Part of me wonders if what doomed “Angel” wasn’t the fact that it was so dark.)

I’ll probably write more about it, but right now I’m going to go get some dinner.

02 Sep 2005

And now to Paris... #

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So the girl and I are now in Paris. We’ve already travelled quite a bit, and we still have roughly 9 more days of travelling ahead of us. That means we’re about half done with this trip and it’s been great.

So far we’ve been to Brussels, my chum David’s wedding (near Jemeppe—in southern Belguim), Brugge, Amsterdam (with a day-trip to Alkmaar) and now Paris. Any tomorrow we’re flying to Ireland to visit Allison’s (recently engaged) friend in Galway. To this point, we haven’t stayed anywhere longer than 2 nights. That’ll change tomorrow, and I can’t wait. We’ll be in Galway for (get this) 3 nights. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fantastic trip, but man, is my body tired. Moving all the time is quite unsettling. You never have the opportunity to really nest. (Did I just use the term “nest?”)

At some point I’ll figure out a way to download some of the photos off the digital camera and post ‘em up, but I’m not convinced that’ll be possible before we’re back in Denver.

Allison is writing an extremely detailed account of our trip to date, so I’ll just link to that when she’s done on this post, but until then, here’s my brief account of the events:

  • Brussels
    • Landed in Brussels early Wednesday morning (the 24th)
    • To the hotel—had to call to be let in the door—they weren’t even open yet
    • Napped, wandered around the city some—visited Manneken Pis, the Brussels City Museum, did walking tour of city’s comic murals
    • Next day: went to Flautist concert, wandered around city, drinks at Cafe Delirium (which carries 2500 beers, but only guarantees the availability 2004 of those at any one time)
    • Next day: packed up and took train to Namur
  • Wedding (Namur/Jemeppe)
    • Met up with David’s folks and sister at train station, rode with them to very small town (one tavern—Cafe de E’glise, across the street from the Church), chatted with Holly for quite a while, napped for a bit, got up and chatted with Pearces and then went with Pearces to the Cafe de E’glise for some beers
    • Next day: woke up late, walked around town a bit and then got ready for marathon wedding celebration. Ceremony started around 2PM, followed by cocktails at 4PM, dinner at 6PM and finally partying at 9PM to around 1AM—long day
    • Next day: woke up late (again), packed up and headed back to Namur, took train to Brugge
  • Brugge (Bruges)
    • Arrived in afternoon, headed to our B&B to drop off stuff and then headed back to the Market (Markt) Square and went up stairs of the tower in the center of town—around 366 (?) steps on a winding and narrow staircase, took canal tour, had some drinks on terrace near canal, fantastic dinner and slept
    • Next day: woke up and headed back into main area of town, slowly wandered around, visited canals, some place that I can’t recall the name of but where nuns went to live a contemplative life without a formal tie to the church, wandered more (it’s a beautiful village/town/city) and pondered the possiblity of buying a place to open a B&B of our own
    • Next day: woke up and headed back to the train station to go to Amsterdam

Alright… so I still have Amsterdam and Paris to cover, but I’m running our of internet time. Maybe you should just read Allison’s account of the trip to date. Her writing will be much better than mine (no doubt) and will have quite a bit more detail. Until next time…

Update: Allison has posted another update.

15 Jul 2005

"That dude does not feel remotely as stupid as he looks." #

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That quote was brutally ripped from the comments of this post featuring this image:

It just seems to fitting…

22 Jun 2005

Something to remember me by... #

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As my girlfriend will no doubt attest to, I have a terrible memory. It’s really awful. It’s so bad that I think she believes that I intentionally try to forget things. I don’t, just FYI.

What can I do about this? I have no idea, but I might give this a try. Why not? It can’t possibly cause me to be worse off, and it could make it better. That’s my theory anyway. Wish me luck.